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Update from MRG Co-Chair Frank Gould

Congratulations Dave!!!

On August 25th at the Lebanon Farmers Market, the winning ticket was drawn for the bicycle raffle. David Boisvert was the winner. He was notified and picked up the bike at Omer and Bob’s the next day. Thank you to Omer and Bob’s for their support of the MRG with the bicycle donation.

And special thanks to each of you who bought tickets for the raffle, the enthusiasm was incredible. The Raffle raised $4787, minus printing expenses, for the Mascoma River Greenway!!!

On another note: there are tee-shirts and fleece available for those who wish to further support the MRG. Designed and produced by Top Stitch of Lebanon, there is an inventory available at the Recreation and Parks Office at City Hall, or they can be ordered directly from Top Stitch.

Other news for the construction of the Greenway:
Another special thanks to all those who have donated to the project, both those who donated time and effort, and those who made financial contributions. We have roughly $1,000,000 in the bank for the MRG. Final engineering and design estimates have increased construction costs to $1,840,000, so we are still short on cash. There will be a CIP request included in the City budget for next year to cover the increases. Of course, any further contributions from the community will be greatly appreciated.

We have completed our efforts to remove the spikes from the rails and ties on the section behind the Miracle Mile. Don’t try to run a train on that section.

The city is in the process of scheduling a rail company to remove the rails this fall. The ties will also be removed once the rails are out. That will allow the process of completing the section for bike/ped use to begin next spring with completion from High Street to the Dudley Bridge on the Miracle Mile in 2017.

The railing along the bridge which crosses I-89 has been completed. While the trail is not officially open there are people walking along it. The railing makes that space safer.


Completed fencing on I-89 bridge

The tunnel which passes under the Lebanon Mall and parking lot is still under discussion, as is the whole “revisioning plan” for the Lebanon downtown area. That leaves questions about the completion of the MRG at both the Lebanon and West Lebanon end of the trail connecting to the Northern Rail Trail in Lebanon, and to Route 12A and West Lebanon downtown.

Thank you for your continued interest in the MRG. I hope to see you enjoying the trail in 2017

Frank Gould, Co-chair Mascoma River Greenway Coalition.

Return of the UVTA High School Trail Corps!

It was hard work on a hot day – great to have this youthful energy applied to the MRG! The crew cleared brush and loaded spikes for removal, working from the rail bridge near Glen Road to behind Timken. Thanks to this wonderful team and to Upper Valley Trails Alliance.


Want to know more about the UVTA Trail Corps?


Thank You Upper Valley Trails Alliance High School Trail Corps


How lucky we are to have the Upper Valley Trails Alliance High School Trail Corps back on the MRG this summer. They pried spikes, cleared brush, and tried to stay cool. (They were working on the area between the Timken Bridge and the Miracle Mile movie theaters.) Thanks to you all for your hard work!


Railing on I-89 Bridge


Step-by-step we move westward. An arced railing is being constructed on the MRG bridge over I-89 (similar to the railing on the pedestrian bridge on Hanover Street) and weekly Wednesday work crews continue to pull spikes in preparation for removal of rails and ties. We could use some energetic people to help with clearing the trail, pulling spikes, constructing bridges – send an email to to sign up for workday notices.

Proposed Plan for Tunnel Restoration


The Downtown Revision proposed at last Thursday’s meeting in the Lebanon Opera House included restoration of the tunnel running under the downtown mall.

The Valley news reported: “the old railroad tunnel will also be restored and used for the future Mascoma River Greenway, allowing pedestrians and bicycles a traffic-free path downtown. Restoring the tunnel is estimated to cost about $2 million, according to consultants. That’s about $200,000 more than plans to fill it in.” ( If approved, funds for restoration will come from the City of Lebanon, not the MRG Campaign which is now at 98.7% of goal.)

Work Groups

LUV Rail Trail-4

Small work groups have been out on the MRG with Co-Chair Frank Gould, prying spikes so ties can be separated from the rails. Leadership Upper Valley volunteers showed up on Sunday, working near the Dudley Bridge at the west end of the Miracle Mile. Says Frank,” It is very heavy work, clearing away fifty years of dirt and roots which have settled next to the rail, and using hefty prybars to pull the spikes.” Volunteer Lyn Swett Miller said” It was incredibly hard work – – What Frank is doing there is amazing..” Thanks to Lyn for these photos. Thank you volunteers!

LUV Rail Trail-1

LUV Rail Trail-2LUV Rail Trail-3

Downtown Bridge Railing in Place


Racing to get the job done before snow flies, a small, hardy crew completed the rail on the upriver side of the downtown bridge; all but the approach to the bridge is done and the rent-a-fence can be dismantled and returned.

If someone has a power hand auger that could dig four post holes, 4 feet deep, we would love for them to step forward so the approach to the bridge can be completed! (Contact


New Railing

New Railing

Scenic Overlook

Scenic Overlook