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Tunnel Restoration Project Presentation


Current plans for the renovation of the tunnel and the Lebanon Mall were presented this evening, with construction beginning Spring 2020. We are making our way toward connecting the MRG to the Northern Rail Trail. You can see illustrations of the redesign of the mall and what the interior of the tunnel will look like at  (You may find the most useful photos toward the end of the presentation.)


(Note the skylight which will bring natural daylight into the tunnel.)



MRG Video

Spikes and Other Salvaged Materials

As we work our way westward, removing ties, plates, spikes, and rails, we are collecting materials that could one day be part of an art installation on the MRG. Here are spikes collected by volunteers on the “Day of Caring”, September 11. (Thanks to Russel Hirschler for the photo)


What might they become? A few examples of spike art:

“Ridin’ the Rails to Rockland,” a sphere sculpture consisting of railroad spikes -Rockland, Maine

“Ridin’ the Rails to Rockland,” a sphere sculpture consisting of railroad spikes -Rockland, Maine

"Spike" - Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes

“Spike” – Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes

"Iron Horse"- what steam engines were once called

“Iron Horse” (steam locomotives were once called “iron horses”)

There are, however, a few projects to be accomplished before installing art on the trail .  .  .  Next steps, planned for this Fall, are completion of the downtown bridge over the Mascoma River (behind Goss-Logan Insurance) and installation of safety rails on the bridge over I-89. The good news is that Paul Coats has discovered a technique for safely removing the lead paint so rails can be installed. Other good news is that on Tuesday, October 20, at 6:30 at the Senior Center, there will be a public meeting to plan a new vision for downtown Lebanon. How will the Northern Rail Trail link to the MRG?  We are hoping that  link will be part of the vision. Will you be there?

Winter Dreams!

RainieImagine the sunny winter day when we are able to cross-country ski on the MRG from Riverside Park in West Lebanon all the way into downtown Lebanon . . . maybe have lunch at Three Tomatoes, or Salt hill or the Lebanon Diner or Village Pizza, and then ski back to West Lebanon. Or we could snowshoe from downtown Lebanon over to Lui Lui at the Powerhouse, working up an appetite on the way. If all goes as planned, Glen Road will look quite different; it will have been replaced by Iron Horse Park Road. Glen Road will be, predominantly, a trail for bikers, walkers, joggers . . . and, in winter, groomed for those on snowshoes and cross-country skis. Whether used for commuting or for recreation, the Mascoma River Greenway will bring new options and vitality to our city.