5 responses to “Map

  1. Do you have a more updated map that shows current completion as of May 24, 2016?

  2. i dont see any mileage markers or even a scale on the map. maybe someone could bike it with a distance computer. I just walked from the APD lot westward to the jersey barriers by the incomplete bridge. I guessed it as 1 mi each way.

  3. Do you have a map showing current status as of June 2018? Or a description. Thanks

    • The best we can offer at the moment is a description. After Tuesday July 3, the path will be open and paved from High Street/Mascoma Street intersection west all the way to the upper part of Glen Road. Roughly 2.3 miles in length. The Lebanon City Council will be reviewing the tunnel options within the next 6 weeks, which will eventually lead to a decision on how to reopen the path under the mall and connecting the Northern Rail Trail to the MRG. The Glen Road terminus to the West is not the end of our dream. We would still like to connect to Riverside Community Park and West Lebanon Main Street sometime in the future.

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