Copy of MRG MAP Edit (1)

Here is an estimate of the mileage between points on the MRG.

Dudley Bridge<.36 mile>PriceChop<.75 mile>MascomaBridge<.28mile >1-89Bridge<.48 mile> SlaytonHill<.6 mile>Kiosk

If you start at the Price Chopper parking lot access on the Miracle Mile (RT. 4/Mechanic St.) and go left (West), it is .36 mile to the Dudley Bridge. If you loop back by way of the path along the river, you will have traveled a .76 mile loop back to the parking lot access road.

If you start at the Price Chopper access road and go right (East), it is .75 mile to the middle of the bridge over the Mascoma River (near Timken.)

Continuing eastward it is .28 mile to the middle of the bridge over Interstate 89.

Then .48 mile from the middle of the Interstate bridge to the middle of the Slayton Hill Overpass by Alice Peck Day Hospital.

It is then .6 mile to the kiosk at the intersection of Mascoma, Mechanic and High Streets.

At some point we will have a map of the MRG drawn to scale . . . but in the meantime, we have these estimates. (Thanks to Paul Coats and Rainie Kelly for the estimates. )     

MRG MAP Edit (2)

      *Please note the above is official parking access to the MRG. We encourage the use of these official access points to encourage the community to get on or off the Greenway.*   

Note: Meetings are being planned to problem-solve the two ends of the MRG. (Closure of the downtown tunnel connection to the Northern Rail Trail and failed plans for the Iron Horse Park in West Leb present challenges on both ends.) Also being planned: Kiosks, maps, signage, benches, tables, naming plaques, access points, land purchase, Glen Road options. This is a big project, a marathon not a sprint; Phase 1 is complete but there is more to go!

11 responses to “Map

  1. Do you have a more updated map that shows current completion as of May 24, 2016?

  2. i dont see any mileage markers or even a scale on the map. maybe someone could bike it with a distance computer. I just walked from the APD lot westward to the jersey barriers by the incomplete bridge. I guessed it as 1 mi each way.

  3. Do you have a map showing current status as of June 2018? Or a description. Thanks

    • The best we can offer at the moment is a description. After Tuesday July 3, the path will be open and paved from High Street/Mascoma Street intersection west all the way to the upper part of Glen Road. Roughly 2.3 miles in length. The Lebanon City Council will be reviewing the tunnel options within the next 6 weeks, which will eventually lead to a decision on how to reopen the path under the mall and connecting the Northern Rail Trail to the MRG. The Glen Road terminus to the West is not the end of our dream. We would still like to connect to Riverside Community Park and West Lebanon Main Street sometime in the future.

  4. So excited about this trail and extension to the Northern Rail Trail. Not being from Lebanon, it would be nice if the map showed access points/parking. Look forward to exploring!

  5. Good work!! To get to WRJ you should consider crossing the river on the I89 bridge. NHDOT plans to widen the bridge and there is room to add a 10 path. Can provide more details
    Alex Vogt NHDOT Retired PE

  6. Just wondering…. does the Greenway actually connect to the Northern Rail Trail now? If not, how would I get from one to the other? I’m looking into doing an overnight bike tour and plan to start in Lebanon and ride south. Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Hi David, Sounds like a good adventure and a chance to get away from the crowds (and maybe catch some healing sunshine and fresh air?) The quick answer is that the Greenway does not yet connect to the Northern Rail Trail. The MRG project has been in the works for about 20 years and, in the meantime, the railway tunnel that would connect the two trails, has deteriorated and been condemned. Work has begun on tunnel restoration and remodeling of the mall area above. (See You could conceivably start at the Price Chopper parking lot on RT 10, walk your bike down the gravel drive that leads to the MRG, ride to the intersection of Mascoma/Mechanic/High Street (by Phenom Penh Sandwich Station) go up High Street , cross over to the Lebanon Mall area, take the sidewalk as far as CCBA recreation center and find the entrance to the Northern Rail Trail there. This would give you several lovely views of the river and the experience of riding on a paved trail . . . but it will only add a little more than 2 miles to your adventure. The MRG is still a work in progress and the hope is it will eventually connect to Vermont trails, but there is a lot of problem solving that still needs to happen.

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