MRG connection to the NRT

The City of Lebanon has completed paving from Spencer Street to Bank St Extension including a safety-forward pedestrian crossing beacon. This crosswalk connects the MRG /tunnel and new multiuse path to the Northern Rail Trail all the way to Boscawen, NH.

Thanks to the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail for this image!

2 responses to “MRG connection to the NRT

  1. I keep wondering who to write to to say thanks, thanks and more thanks for this ever expanded and updated rail trail. I think Rainie Kelley may be one. The paving in the direction of Enfield. The best part is seeing how frequently used they all are. I am never alone on the trail. It was a long hard slog to get to this point but wow is it worth it. Free to use this, if at all helpful.

    Barbara H. Jones This message was dictated or typed by Barb. The odd spellings and words she never selected are auto-corrected by our friends at Apple who think they know her mind better than she does.


  2. Hi Barb,
    There have been so many individuals, businesses, and other organizations over the years that have volunteered labor and financially supported the MRG work . . . and Rainie Kelly has certainly been one of them. As you look back through the photos on this website, you will see many, but not all of them. Huge credit should go to Paul Coats, Lebanon’s Recreation, Arts, and Parks Director, who has problem-solved the way through the many challenges and continues to do so.

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