Tunnel Restoration Project Presentation


Current plans for the renovation of the tunnel and the Lebanon Mall were presented this evening, with construction beginning Spring 2020. We are making our way toward connecting the MRG to the Northern Rail Trail. You can see illustrations of the redesign of the mall and what the interior of the tunnel will look like at https://lebanonnh.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9735/Community-Conversation-Presentation-5-02-2019  (You may find the most useful photos toward the end of the presentation.)


(Note the skylight which will bring natural daylight into the tunnel.)



2 responses to “Tunnel Restoration Project Presentation

  1. Lindy Heim (Lindy and Craig)

    The link within your email to direct us to plans for the tunnel isn’t working. Please advise. Thanks, Lindy Heim, co-president of FNRT-MC

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks for your message Lindy. I tried it and got an error message, tried it again and got the report. Please give it another try and see if you get it and let me know if not.

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