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Perfect Picnic Spot!


Isn’t this a perfect spot for a picnic? It’s near the Price Chopper entrance to the MRG and to the left.

And if it rains . . . seek shelter!


“Steel Umbrella” by artists Justin O’Rourke and Margaret Jacobs

MRG Commuter Couple


Such a treat to meet this couple on the Mascoma River Greenway this morning.  Their home has easy access to the trail and they walk the MRG almost every day.  He can walk to work on the trail; it takes 15 minutes by car and 30 minutes walking by way of the MRG.  He says he prefers walking because the trail is so beautiful. She starts a new job in January and will also walk the MRG to work.  They are currently a 2-car family but are planning to get rid of one car since they find they don’t need two. They were both so enthusiastic about the trail!

This couple embodies what many of us hoped would actually happen – commuting by rail trail.  (We also met a fellow on a bike who had just done his shopping at Price Chopper ; he was heading home with his grocery bags hanging from the handlebars.  Love seeing the trail as a functional resource as well as recreational!)

Thanks to “Pennies for Change”

Thanks to generous Co-op customers and the Pennies for Change program,  the Mascoma River Greenway has received $2,446 from the Co-op Food Stores.  The Pennies for Change program is a charitable giving program; customers can donate their change to community organizations by rounding up their order to the next full dollar amount. In the month of March, $24,446 was raised and donated to that month’s selected Upper Valley non-profits. A wonderful way to support and strengthen our many local non-profit organizations.


Leb Rec Dept. 2015 Volunteer of the Year



Richard Wallace, Lorraine Kelly, Frank Gould, Pat McGovern, Melanie Moore, Alan Schnur

The MRG Capital Campaign Team was honored to be chosen collectively as the Lebanon Recreation & Parks Department 2015 Volunteer of the Year. Thanks to community response, the MRG Capital Campaign is at 99% of the $2,300,000 goal.

Local . . . and Beyond


The MRG will be a safe recreation/transportation corridor connecting Lebanon and West Lebanon . . .  and beyond.

Spike Pulling


Thanks to all volunteers who helped pull spikes on this beautiful Spring morning . . . and thanks to Simbex for fostering community service. Spikes are being pulled in preparation for continued removal of tracks and rails. We hope the spikes will reappear someday as a major art installation in Lebanon!



Allen Peterson’s sculpture Phoenix: Atlanta’s Railroad Rebirth, which is made from scrap railroad spikes, shoulders, and other objects.


Bear (spikes) resized

“Spike” – Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes


“Iron Horse”- what steam engines were once called

From Spikes to Spokes!


FSCN1103 - Edited
Lebanon Recreation Dept.Director/MRG Co-chair, Paul Coats, is a man of many talents; with spikes from the rail trail and scrap wood from home renovation, he created gifts for all those on the MRG Campaign Committee. He clearly has a plan for how he will use the MRG once construction is complete! (It makes a great scarf rack.) Thank you Paul!