Spike Pulling


Thanks to all volunteers who helped pull spikes on this beautiful Spring morning . . . and thanks to Simbex for fostering community service. Spikes are being pulled in preparation for continued removal of tracks and rails. We hope the spikes will reappear someday as a major art installation in Lebanon!



Allen Peterson’s sculpture Phoenix: Atlanta’s Railroad Rebirth, which is made from scrap railroad spikes, shoulders, and other objects.


Bear (spikes) resized

“Spike” – Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes


“Iron Horse”- what steam engines were once called

3 responses to “Spike Pulling

  1. Cool!I pulled a number of spikes on that Line,and drove them,too!!Never thought they would be used for such neat Artwork,tho’.

  2. Hello, I am a rail road spike artist, Would you be interested in a rail road spike Moose or other animal for your Greenway?
    Thank You
    Erwin List

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