Work Groups

LUV Rail Trail-4

Small work groups have been out on the MRG with Co-Chair Frank Gould, prying spikes so ties can be separated from the rails. Leadership Upper Valley volunteers showed up on Sunday, working near the Dudley Bridge at the west end of the Miracle Mile. Says Frank,” It is very heavy work, clearing away fifty years of dirt and roots which have settled next to the rail, and using hefty prybars to pull the spikes.” Volunteer Lyn Swett Miller said” It was incredibly hard work – – What Frank is doing there is amazing..” Thanks to Lyn for these photos. Thank you volunteers!

LUV Rail Trail-1

LUV Rail Trail-2LUV Rail Trail-3

3 responses to “Work Groups

  1. philip h brewer

    i am up from mass chasing old railtrails and was gladcto see the northern rail trail heading west from dudley bridge could see folks digging. what a real act of love we in ruland holden mass area brought back a rail bed abandoned in the thirties. which is only one mile from my door hooray for you all. i am off today to check progress on the lamoine valley trail. later phil brewer

  2. Thanks for the pics.Brings back memories.Used one of those”spike pullers”many a time.It was approx.71 yrs ago that I learned to use one,working on the B+M Spare Gang out of Westboro.Used a spiking hammer and jackhammer to drive the spikes in,too.The Lady says”incredibly hard work”.Maybe so,at times.I will say that working on the rails under a hot sun,with roadbed,ties,and rails absorbing and reflecting the heat caused a big demand for water!!That was my very first job on the Section.But I took my place in the “heavy”work,too.A big hand for the Volunteers.

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