A Sunny Day in May on the MRG

Tell me, is there anything lovelier . . . than a sunny day in May? Wildflower books in hand, we set off on the western end of the MRG, walking the trail from the Powerhouse to Riverside Park.   It was fun to identify flowers in bloom and to note the ones to come.


Anemone quinquefolia

FSCN1493 - Edited





Canada Mayflower




Golden Alexander


Wintergreen – wonderful aroma!


False Solomon’s Seal


Barren Strawberry


Apple Blossoms

There were also pussy toes, beech drops. wild strawberry, blue cohosh, colts foot, honeysuckle, bellwort, blueberry, lots of dandelions . . . and more to be identified. And there was more wildness upon reaching Riverside Park watching the death-defying antics of the skateboarders!

5 responses to “A Sunny Day in May on the MRG

  1. alex langsner

    Thanks! May’s my favorite. An ya know – black flies gotta’ eat too.

  2. Hi Alex, Maybe we were just lucky, but we didn’t spot a single black fly!

  3. We reposted this on dailyUV, and got this comment from Henry Homeyer: “Sorry, but I believe you have misidentified the yellow-flowered weed. It is Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus), not St Johnswort (Hypericum perforatum). Celandine has 4-petals, St Johnswort has 5. Celandine is unsafe for internal use, while some herbalists use St Johnswort as an anti-depressant.” The dailyUV post is here: https://dailyuv.com/news/843648

  4. Sarah Schwaegler

    Hello, No, there is not anything lovelier that a sunny day in May! And, many thanks for sharing your excellent photos of the wonderful wildflowers you found. I’m interested in knowing if this was something that was planned in advance and announced. If so I’d like to be on that list for the future. I’m not always available but I’m happy to volunteer also. Thanks. Sarah

    Sarah Schwaegler sarah@indianpondnh.com

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