Wood’s Pink Asters

While Echinacea, Bee Balm. Queen Anne’s Lace, Lupine, lilies, and so many other flowers have passsed by, these late-blooming asters on the MRG Pollinator Corridor have become an important resource to a variety of pollinators. Bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, and flies are still looking for pollen and nectar and these asters are a welcomed bit of color, for humans too.

Yellow Collared Scape Moth
Common Bottle Fly
Drone Fly

2 responses to “Wood’s Pink Asters

  1. I always enjoy these pictures, Thank you. And you even identified the pollinators! Good work! Are the flowers, in fact, a type of chrysanthemum? There are some also at the Horizons on Green Street that are still attracting insects

  2. Hi Viola, I am glad you like the photos since I enjoy taking them. As to your question . . . what did we do before Google? “All mums are asters, but not all asters are mums.” I had never thought of there being a connection. And I have enjoyed those flowers on Green Street – I live right next to them!

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