Blocked MRG Bridge


Looking eastward

Distracted by the beauty of the river last week, we neglected to get a photo of progress on this bridge over the Mascoma River, behind Timken. Vandals struck in the meantime, tearing down the barriers, throwing  barrier barrels down the bank, smashing the windows of one of the construction vehicles nearby, etc.  .  . .  a frustrating set-back for those eager for progress on this wonderful community resource.


Shattered glass

The good news is that areas that had previously been muddy, have been graded and improved, and were dry in spite of the recent rain.


Meetings are being planned to problem-solve the two ends of the MRG, (closure of the downtown tunnel connection to the Northern Rail Trail and failed plans for the Iron Horse Park in West Leb present challenges on both ends.) Also being planned: Kiosks, maps, signage, benches, tables, naming plaques, access points, land purchase, Glen Road options,  soft opening, grand opening!

5 responses to “Blocked MRG Bridge

  1. That’s a long way out of the way for vandals to go. Any thoughts about what this is about and what can be done to avoid future such acts?

  2. You make me think of the remote, storm-swept, Celtic Christian monastery on Skellig Michel, located 7 miles off the southwest coast of Ireland, home to a small group of ascetics who, in their pursuit of greater union with God, withdrew to this inaccessible place. A steep winding staircase of over 600 steps rises to six primitive stone huts and water cisterns. Being far from anywhere did not mean the early monks could live in peace. They were repeatedly attacked and plundered by the Vikings, who brought death and slavery to the inhabitants, and kidnapping the Abbot in one particular raid in AD 823. Some things never change!

  3. Sad but about this. Question does anyone know distance if you pick up trail at Logan insurance and walk towards APD distance of trail that is paved and at this point what is the distance of open trai? Would love this info


  4. As of last weekend (November 19) when I went for a run down the MRG, the railings on the Timken Bridge were almost done, just the top plate on one side left to add, and it looked like there had been more progress on filling and grading the trail to the west.

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