Bridge over Mascoma River Progress Report

We set out to check on the progress of that blocked bridge over the Mascoma River.  We can tell you that the middle section is almost finished – the rails are up – but we can’t show you; we were so distracted by the beauty of the river, we forgot to take a photo of the bridge. Next time!


Looking north from the MRG bridge over the Mascoma River –  distractingly beautiful!


Southward view from the MRG bridge over the Mascoma River


And you meet the nicest people along the trail!




Beautiful Birches


Reminders from the Railroad’s Past

Next time we’ll bring a tree identification book – such varied leaves scattered across the trail!

8 responses to “Bridge over Mascoma River Progress Report

  1. Such a treasure so close to home! Thank you, everyone, for your hard and persistent work!

  2. Will information regarding access spots to trail become available. Would like to ride my bike from the golf course area to the APD access. The road between the two is frightening and I was hoping to avoid it.

    • As of right now, access to the MRG is somewhat limited. The eastern entrance like you described in your Daily UV post (which we loved), is across at the High St, Mascoma St intersection. APD entrance, and after construction is completed you’ll be able to get down from the driveway by Miracle Mile Plaza to the right of the movie theater. We are still trying to win favor from the state to let us continue further to the West so that access can be from Riverside Community Park. We don’t have that access yet though.

      • Is the Miracle Mile driveway down the incline between Price Chopper and the movies or is it up the little hill by Tractor Supply? Trail is very nice!!!

      • It is down the incline between Price Chopper and Movie theater. Should be ok to go in there next Spring when construction is finished.

  3. It was nice to run in to you all on the trail on Friday evening. Looking forward to getting more rides in on the greenway before the snow flies and also to working with everyone on extending to Riverside Park and beyond, finishing the connection to the Northern Rail trail in downtown, and adding more access points.

    • Hi Colin, Good to see you enjoying the trail last week. Yes, there is still a lot of problem-solving to be done on both ends of the trail – extending to the Northern Rail Trail on the eastern end and Riverside Park on the western end . . . and negotiating access points in between. Glad you will be part of that problem-solving effort.

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