Eastern End of MRG Paved


Intersection of Mascoma, Mechanic and High streets

Wow!  Most of the eastern end of the MRG has a base paving, up to the blocked bridge over the Mascoma River.  (There is a gap at one point where sewer line work will occur – Lebanon Public Works will then pave that section and the whole stretch will get a top coat.) A smooth paved surface will allow for all non-motorized uses including wheelchairs, baby strollers, skateboards, and in-line skating.


Near the underpass by APD looking eastward


Near underpass by APD looking westward

We will report on Friday on the status of that blocked bridge over the Mascoma River.

2 responses to “Eastern End of MRG Paved

  1. This is great!!  Can it start to be used or do we need to wait until the top coat is applied?

  2. Hi John
    While the MRG is still a construction site and is not officially “open”, people are using it on weekdays after working hours (ie. after 4:00 p.m.) and on weekends, and should be aware that railing is not complete.

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