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Beyond Bicycle Lanes

Around the country, communities large and small are boldly implementing active transportation strategies to make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to connect to their destinations by being physically active.

Shared Bicycle Lane Symbol (Sharrow)

Shared Bicycle Lane Symbol (Sharrow)

In Portland, OR, one of four Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Communities (along with Boulder & Fort Collins, CO and Davis, CA), transportation and bicycle program officials have been at work for over 20 years, and have learned a few things about what makes a city bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

As part of the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community Program, these and hundreds of other communities, universities, states, and businesses are changing the way we design transportation systems, which directly impacts our choices for how we get around town to do errands, go to school, work, and play.

Bicycle Boulevard sign

Bicycle Boulevard sign

Lucky for us, Portland has created a handy brochure that outlines strategies that create a more safe, inclusive, and holistic active transportation system. Some improvements are relatively easy, like making a map of the city’s active transportation system, painting the roads with bicycle boxes, adding symbols for sharing the road with bicycles (sharrows), and selecting low speed, low traffic volume streets to designate as bicycle boulevards. Other treatments are more expensive, like bike/ped friendly bridges, bicycle traffic signals at intersections, and constructing separated pathways like the Mascoma River Greenway.

Portland Sunday Parkways

Portland Sunday Parkways

I recently had the good fortune to participate in one of Portland’s “Sunday Parkways” events, which draw thousands of people each year to bicycle and walk between parks, enjoying food, music and activities on a system of streets that are closed to cars. What fun!

Maybe someday Lebanon will join Concord and Keene, and achieve a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community designation – who knows?

Mascoma River Greenway’s Winter Charm

img_2268If you haven’t explored the downtown Lebanon section of the Mascoma River Greenway, grab your skis, snowshoes, a few of your closest friends, and a dog if you have one and check it out. With good snow cover, this short section of trail makes for an excellent out and back winter journey on flat terrain. At the APD end, you can walk over to the new APD trails behind Harvest Hill, a sweet network of gently rolling trails designed by the Upper Valley’s own Morton Trails.

And if you’re wondering about the health benefits of cross-country skiing, here’s what WebMD has to say:

“For building endurance, cross-country skiing is one of the best sports you can do,” says Stephen Olvey, MD, an associate professor of clinical neurological surgery at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. It also burns more calories than almost any other activity.

Cross-country skiing is an aerobic sport. That means you move nonstop for an extended period of time while your heart pumps oxygen to your muscles, providing them with energy. “It is about grinding it out over the long haul with no help from gravity,” Olvey says.

NRT winter & horseThe muscles strengthened while you cross-country ski vary with your skiing style. But they typically include the thigh muscles, gluteus maximus (bottom), gastrocnemius (calves), and biceps and triceps (front and back of the upper arm).

In terms of calories, a 150-pound person burns about 500 to 640 calories per hour while cross-country skiing, depending on the effort level.

Here are Olvey’s tips for getting started:

  • Don’t overdo it. Be conservative in how long you plan to ski.
  • Prepare yourself ahead of time by using an elliptical trainer to avoid muscle strain.
  • Bring fluids and snacks, especially if you’re heading to a remote area.
  • Wear layers of clothing that keep you warm and allow for easy movement.
  • Be safe. Let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return. “It wouldn’t take long to become hypothermic,” Olvey says.

Tunnels & Bridges

Greenway Bridge Design

Greenway Bridge Design

The Mascoma River Greenway from downtown Lebanon to West Lebanon winds its way over four bridges and through two tunnels. The MRC Coalition is targeting its investments toward improving these structures in 2013 and 2014. With safe passage through the bridges and tunnels, construction of the rest of the Greenway will be much easier as funding becomes available and our volunteer base builds.

So what makes a good tunnel design on a Greenway system? It turns out this question has been well-researched by the Rails to Trails Conservancy in its publication TUNNELS ON TRAILS: A Study of 78 Tunnels on 36 Trails in the United States.

Greenway Tunnel

Greenway Tunnel

This article has great case studies we can learn from – what features help to make a tunnel safe for the user? Good lighting, good drainage and good signage to name a few.

So stay tuned for more updates on how the Mascoma River Greenway is moving forward – we still need volunteers to help with promotion and other tasks – contact Frank Gould go2teach@comcast.net or Paul Coats paul.coats@lebcity.com to get involved!

Building An Age Friendly Community

Riding in style on the Northern Rail Trail

Riding in style on the Northern Rail Trail

How will the Mascoma River Greenway help Lebanon become more ‘age friendly’? Well, as parks and recreation professionals and planners sometimes like to say, “Place Matters”. Lebanon is fortunate to have the beautiful Mascoma River running through the City, the well-loved Colburn Park and Farmers’ Market, the Lebanon Opera House and Witherell/CCB Recreation Centers, shopping and restaurant opportunities close to downtown. In West Lebanon, the Kilton Library, the new River Park development, restaurants and stores make downtown on the west side of the City a destination as well. In between, Riverside Community Park with a Greenway connector already in place from the park to the Powerhouse Mall, a skateboard park, playground and volleyball courts complete the picture of Lebanon as a very special community for all ages.

Please think about how you might help contribute of your time and talents to the Mascoma River Greenway Coalition. Contact Frank Gould, go2teach@comcast.net or Paul Coats, paul.coats@lebcity.com.

Mascoma River Greenway – The Vision

The idea for the Mascoma River Greenway emerged during a community trails forum co-hosted by the Lebanon Recreation & Parks Department and the Upper Valley Trails Alliance.


A team of consultants, ORW from White River Junction, ALTA Planning & Design from Boston, and Vanasse, Hagen, Brusslin of Bedford, NH reviewed the Greenway corridor, analyzed cost estimates, and developed a long range plan for the MRG. Click here to read the full report online, view maps of the Greenway and learn about the phases of construction and related costs.

Funding for improvements to the MRG corridor are included in the City of Lebanon Capital Improvement Program to some degree, but we need to actively raise funds for the project as well. Please consider making a contribution to the Greenway effort, or give us a hand at writing grant and foundation proposals! Contact Paul Coats at Lebanon Recreation & Parks, 603-448-5121 to become a member of the MRG team and help bring the plan to reality!