Where Are the bees?

There have been very few bees and butterflies along the MRG Pollinator Corridor so far this year. We keep hoping that they have found some idyllic, pesticide-free meadow nearby and are congregating there , soon to show up for the Echinacea, Black-eyed Susans, Bee Balm, Black Cohosh, Calendula, Day Lilies, Obedient Plant, and all the other treats on offer right now at the garden west of the overpass by APD. The good news is the hummingbird that was enjoying the red bee balm today!

3 responses to “Where Are the bees?

  1. While NH has moderate drought, VT is even drier and drought affects food supplies for bees–even when little oasis areas like the pollinator corridor are in bloom, we see whole landscape scale impacts. That would be part of my guess. Downtown including areas adjacent to the MRG have been HOT! In some more wooded forest fringe-field areas up higher, the bees/pollinators seem to be active but we don’t mow our lawn often and that helps to provide clover and other flowering plants in good supply whereas most days we hear the drone of lawn equipment elsewhere…

  2. amelia sereen

    you can find the bees in my nearby pesticide free lawn and on the lemon thyme that has naturalized into it, giving bonus aromatherapy to anyone who mows.

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