Progress on the MRG

Take a little walk with us to see the progress on the MRG from the Mechanic St./Mascoma St. overpass by Alice Peck Day Hospital (APD), across the bridge over Interstate 89 (in back of Longacre’s) and up to the first bridge that crosses the Mascoma River (east of Timken.)

MRG1This is the MRG as it crosses the overpass by APD (you can see a car on the right heading under the bridge.) Tracks and rails have been removed.  A safety rail will be installed here.

MTG3Heading west, a safety rail is partially installed by a small pond. Rails and tracks are gone and the trail has been widened and graded.

MRG4The approach to the I-89 bridge

MRG5I-89 bridge

mrgbroad.Much of the trail is now broad and graded like this.

IMG_0304This is the bridge over the Mascoma River. It is currently in poor repair and blocked, and therefore, the end of our westward walk. Lots of work needed here! Progress has been made at the far end of this bridge, and we will report on that progress soon.

MRG8Looking east from the blocked Mascoma River bridge notice the post hole digger.  Such a major project!

MRG9Heading back east, we encountered these mountain bikers who have already discovered the enjoyment of the improved trail! (We also saw a number of walkers – commuting to Renihan Meadows?)



Back at our starting point off of Mascoma Street, by the overpass, some of the equipment and materials being used. This little walk has impressed us with the scale of this project and how much has been accomplished.  We will soon bring you up to date on the western end of the trail.

2 responses to “Progress on the MRG

  1. woohoo. i love this trail and connection to the northern. may make a trip to see it before snow flies. looking from Massachusetts where they are finally getting into act

  2. Hi Philip, Good to hear from you and hope you’ll make that trip! You can plan to use the MRG even after the snow flies. With snow, we envision it as a cross-country ski trail, with one side plowed for use by walkers, runners, and bikers, and the other side maintained for cross-country skiers.

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