Downtown Bridge Railing in Place


Racing to get the job done before snow flies, a small, hardy crew completed the rail on the upriver side of the downtown bridge; all but the approach to the bridge is done and the rent-a-fence can be dismantled and returned.

If someone has a power hand auger that could dig four post holes, 4 feet deep, we would love for them to step forward so the approach to the bridge can be completed! (Contact


New Railing

New Railing

Scenic Overlook

Scenic Overlook

3 responses to “Downtown Bridge Railing in Place

  1. Thanks to everyone for a job well done. Making the community even more enjoyable is AWESOME. We enjoyed walking the trail in the spring and cannot wait to walk the entire trail in the future. We are from Bellevue, Iowa. Thank you once again! Richard Staddon

  2. Thanks for your comment Richard – glad you enjoyed walking the trail. We hope you will return to hike or bike the MRG when it runs all the way from Lebanon to West Lebanon!

  3. Great reading thiis

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