Good News!


Mascoma River Greenway is the top vote-getter in the Dan & Whit’s election with a total of $5,000 donated on behalf of the MRG!

Posting the news on the Lebanon Discussion List, MRG Campaign Steering Committee member Lorraine Kelly writes: “Sincere thanks to Dan Fraser ​at Dan & Whit’s General Store in Norwich ​for organizing the only election I know where all contenders were winners. And on behalf of the Mascoma River Greenway Campaign Committee, thanks to all who cast votes at Dan & Whit’s for the MRG, enabling us to “win” this election. We are looking forward to sharing the podium at a celebration on the Vermont side of the river with Windsor County Partners and the Hartford-Norwich Holiday Basket Helpers .

March was a banner month for the Greenway campaign: in addition to the good news coming from Dan & Whit’s, we reached our goal of $50,000 needed to receive a $200,000 challenge grant from the Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Foundation. Thank you, Mrs. McLaughlin, and thanks to our generous supporters from ​all over the Upper Valley. We have now surpassed 80% of the funds needed to make this 4-mile ​extension of the Northern Rail Trail a reality.”

One response to “Good News!

  1. Lorraine Kelly

    Thanks for sharing the good news, Pat!


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