Downtown Bridge Decking Accomplished!

Though hot and humid this past weekend, major work was accomplished on the MRG bridge near Mechanic/Mascoma/High St Junction (known as Dysfunction Junction.) Ties were secured to the metal bridge and decking added to create a platform for benches and picnic tables . . . a place to rest, to watch the river and hear the flow.

Securing the ties

Securing the ties

Laying down the decking

Laying down the decking

Not work for the faint of heart!

Not work for the faint of heart!

The MRG Coalition wants to thank all who volunteered: Wes Leuthauser, Timm DuMoulin, JoAnn DuMoulin, Matt Alexander, Kristen Coats, Paul Coats, Doug, Polly Gould, Frank Gould, Todd Caruso, Jose Brandon, Russ Macedo, Andrew Gast-Bray, Ric Desharnais, Danny Micka, Joe Cheevers, and Rowan Gast-Bray. These photos don’t do justice to the scope of the work – all day Saturday until 6pm, and again on Sunday from noon to 9pm. Thanks to all who came to help.

Our new park is not yet ready for the public; railing must be added to the upriver side of the bridge. We’ll let you know when that work is completed.

Decking job done!

Decking job done!

The MRG is continuing to have house parties to raise funds needed as we move down the trail to West Lebanon. We have raised $1.6 million dollars. A 4 to 1 matching pledge challenges us to raise $50,000 from individuals in order to qualify for the $200,000 match. We can use your help through contributions and also by hosting a house party for your neighbors. Co-Chairs Paul and Frank will join you for the evening to inform your friends and neighbors about the MRG.
Please contact to set up a time for your house party.

Are you aware that 52% of residences in Lebanon are within a half mile of the Northern Rail Trail and the MRG? An easily-accessed resource for so many!

3 responses to “Downtown Bridge Decking Accomplished!

  1. Is the at the west end of the tunnel? What is the status of the tunnel? I’m assuming it must be part of the grand plan

    • Good question Cam. This response from Paul Coats: The tunnel “has been inspected by an engineer, and is deemed unsafe for use for pedestrians. DPW is evaluating how to handle the issue, but it is out of the MRG hands for now. The city is well aware that the tunnel provides an integral link, so the desire is to make it usable. We just don’t know when that will be, or what it will require yet.”

  2. Congratulations and thank to all you hard-working volunteers. Can’t wait to cross the Mascoma on the newly-planked bridge.
    Rainie Kelly

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