Trail Day Clean Up – 6/1/13 – A Scorcher of a Day!

Clearing the Tracks

Thank you so much. It was an amazing turnout on such a hot day. The effort you put into clearing the rail corridor was magnificent. We accomplished a lot.  I hope everyone survived the heat and humidity; it certainly wiped me out the rest of the day. There is still some corridor left to clear. We are going to approach organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, to do some of the remaining clearing. If we set up another Trail Day All Call, I’ll let you know. Again, thank you so much. It was hard work, but a great group of volunteers stepped up to do it.  (Did anyone happen to bring tools home with them by mistake? If so, let me know or drop them off at the Recreation Office in City Hall. I think we’re missing at least one a pair of loppers.)    Frank Gould

Photo by Allison Furbish
Photo by Allison Furbish

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