MRG Update

Mascoma River Greenway Enthusiasts,

Spring is just around the corner. As proof, we move to daylight savings time this weekend. I hate to lose an hour’s sleep, but spring is welcome.

Progress on the development of the rail trail continues. The Leadership and Campaign Committees are meeting regularly to design our fundraising effort. We have completed the design of the Case Statement. Did you know that over 60% of Lebanon residents live within a mile of the rail trail? What an excellent opportunity for getting out and exercising. There will be other advantages, too. Shopping or going to the movies on the Miracle Mile, and biking, walking, or even skateboarding to Riverside Park on Glen Road. That’s what will be available when this trail is complete.

The Campaign Committee has started the initial phase of fundraising and would really love to have any of you reading this to join them in this effort. Talking points and training are provided so you will know what to expect and what to say as you visit nearby businesses and your neighbors to promote the Greenway. While the complete project requires significant funding it has been divided into phases to be paid for over time. The initial phase is designed to open a walkable/bikeable trail in about two years. So, a non-motorized recreation/transportation trail will be here soon. Come join in!

Paul Coats and I have visited with and presented to the Rotary of Lebanon and Riverside Rotary of West Lebanon. Members of both chapters expressed support for the project. It was great to hear their enthusiastic response and a willingness to become part of the process. Developing partners-in-action helps convince others to step in and attach their brand to the MRG.

There is also progress being made in the West Lebanon end of the MRG as a ped/bike path is included in the design of the Iron Horse Development currently being presented to the Lebanon Planning Board. This path would connect the MRG from Glen Road to Elm Street, West and then on into West Lebanon proper. Stay tuned to watch this happen.

Spring grunt work on the MRG will begin with the clearing of brush and trees on a stretch from near APD west to the bridge over I-89. We will also be visiting with MRG trail abutters, both residents and businesses, during the next few weeks to make sure our neighbors know of the Greenway project and the wonderful amenity it will be for their neighborhood and our city.

This update may not be much different from other recent emails, but, while winter slowed the physical progress, it has not slowed the committee work. Please keep yourself posted by visiting this website often. The web address above links to a review of the Northern Rail Trail with pictures and the story of it’s development. It’s really neat, check it out!!

Frank Gould, Co-chair Mascoma Greenway Coalition.

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