MRG Update

Dear MRG supporters,

A brief update on the rail trail project and some requests. First, In the last few days, despite some rather cold hands and noses the railing of the Mascoma bridge near the underpass/tunnel in downtown Lebanon has been completed. It has some extension work still to do, but the railing looks great as you drive by on Route 4. While we were working on the bridge there were several walkers who cross going into the city. Nice to know it is being used, and is now safer for that.

Building Rail on Bridge over Mascoma River

Building Rail on Bridge over Mascoma River

We are also about to start the silent phase of our fund raising effort. Anyone interested in helping with that would be welcome. As mentioned before there will be training in presenting the project to potential contributors before asking you to approach anyone. Let me know and I will forward to you information about the meetings.

Also important at the moment, the Communications/Marketing Team is putting together a program for getting the public involved and knowledgeable about the project. We need help in planning the process as well as implementing it. If any of you have experience with “getting the word out” and would available, we have a meeting set for this Thursday in the West Meeting Room at City Hall at noon. Please come participate. If you can’t make it Thursday I can add you to the C/M list for future involvement.

Finally, I have heard from several people who would like to help with the physical work when it comes up. I didn’t invite those people to the bridge work because to many people would have been dangerous. The six who helped was a good number. However, I am still adding to that work list and would like to add anyone else who wants to send along word. There will actual trail work in the spring. Now is a good time to sign up.

Enjoy the New Year – hope you will be able to keep any resolutions you made with yourself.

Frank Gould, Co-chair Mascoma River Greenway Coalition

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