Cycling Without Age Impact Report 2022

“A passenger who rarely left the house during the pandemic decided CWA was how she wanted to re-engage with her community. Her pilot reported “it went so well…such a positive experience…. She was quite emotional with gratitude at the end and asked for a hug. So, this amazing program that you have been responsible for bringing to the Upper Valley brought somebody a lot of joy today. Thank you!! (It actually brought TWO people a lot of joy today 🙂).”

Two resident seniors rode together during the “Try the Trishaw” event, and after returning, one said she had never heard the other speak until they were on the trishaw ride.

“I was able to enjoy a ride with [pilot] this morning. It was fantastic. I feel so lucky to be able to access this in my own backyard. Many thanks to all those who worked to make it happen. I’m still grinning.” Passenger

One of our octogenarian passengers biked across the country several times in his younger years. He has dementia now but was delighted to enjoy wind in his hair and autumn colors flying by again.

The feedback from all participants has been amazing, touching, and motivating.

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