Weed Warrior on the MRG Pollinator Corridor!

For good things to happen, it often takes a village . . . but weeding the mini-meadow pollinator garden on the Goss Logan hillside required a village with a mountain goat. . . or at least a sure-footed 13-year old. Too steep for elder gardeners to negotiate the slope, we had the good fortune of an able-bodied student who needed 2 1/2 hours of community service to complete her end-of-year commitment. Extensive weeding, laying down cardboard, and mulching with wood chips . . . Melanie did an excellent job, while her elders weeded, deadheaded, and transplanted below, all in preparation for the Grand Opening of the tunnel on July 8th!

2 responses to “Weed Warrior on the MRG Pollinator Corridor!

  1. amelia sereen

    what is the plant/weed she is holding aloft?

  2. It is common mullein. (At first I thought it was lamb’s ear which has similar, soft wooly leaves.) Read about mullein: https://www.bbg.org/news/weed_of_the_month_mullein#:~:text=Mullein's%20first%20year%20of%20growth,by%20bees%20and%20other%20pollinators.

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