MRG Official Opening – a Joyful Day!



They came,  listened to a bit of history and the Mayor’s proclamation (honoring MRG Co-Chairs Paul Coats and Frank Gould) . . . and then headed to the MRG and strolled, biked, roller bladed, scooted, ate ice cream, listened to music, viewed the newly installed sculptures, and scattered wildflower seeds along the trail. The day was perfect and the spirit was joyful!


Omer & Bob’s did bike safety checks and fixed minor problems.


A good-humored Lebanon Police Officer, Lt. Matt Isham, delivered ice cream treats along the trail.




Lebanon’s Rollerblade had a van-load of rollerblades for folks to test drive.




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So many families with young bike riders, scooters, strollers, some with dogs . . . and a host of others enjoying this beautiful day. Thanks goes to APD for hosting this event and for their donation of a permanent parking area for the MRG. Thanks also to Omer and Bob’s for the bike safety station, to Rollerblade for the test drives of their rollerblades, and to the pop-up musicians who addded grace notes to our day. We greatly appreciate the organizing efforts of MRG Campaign Committee Chair Rainie Kelly and APD’s Kelly Pippin for this event. And we would not have been here but for the hundreds of volunteers and generous donors who have made the MRG a reality!


8 responses to “MRG Official Opening – a Joyful Day!

  1. I am so grateful that we have this greenway now. I love being able to walk from my house to Price Chopper or the movies safely. It’s amazing.

  2. richard staddon

    GOD BLESS everyone involved in this wonderful endeavor. I cannot wait to get up there again.

  3. We are ready for you, Richard!

  4. I walked the west end of the greenway with my dog today. It is great! Question – where are people supposed to park that want to start on the west end of the parkway and head toward the east end? I don’t see any parking plan on the west end.

    Also – starting in downtown area of West Lebanon – what is the best way to connect to the new greenway?

    John Foster

    • There is very limited parking at the upper end of Glen Road close to Rt4, near the gate and kiosk. Better access is from the Miracle Mile Shopping plaza between the theater and Price Chopper. Park up top and walk down the gravel path to the MRG.

      • OK, Thanks. I did park at the Shopping Plaza but wanted to see if there was another area intended for parking.

        Also, are you planning on connecting this trail with the downtown area of West Lebanon eventually?

        John Foster

  5. John Foster – Connecting to WRJ via downtown West Leb is the ultimate plan looking for solutions. See:

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