What’s happening with the MRG . . . and why can’t I use the trail yet?

What’s happening with the Mascoma River Greenway . . . and why can’t I use the trail yet?!

The MRG is an ambitious project involving negotiation with the City of Lebanon, NH Dept of Transportation (NHDOT), the Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR), and the federal government.

Currently, the City of Lebanon has rights up to Mile Marker 140, which is at the eastern side of the bridge over the Mascoma River, near Timken. Through the efforts of countless volunteers, the trail has been cleared of trees, brush, ties, and tracks to Mile Marker 140, with tracks and ties moved to the side awaiting removal.

* The NHDOT has recently signed off on the paperwork relative to the abandonment of the final section of the rail corridor to Route 4 at the Miracle Mile. The railroad still has to sign-off, and has seemed reluctant to do so. The NHDOT has agreed to be the contact with the CCRR. With CCRR approval, the paperwork will be sent to Washington for federal approval.

* The tunnel under the mall in Lebanon, part of the planned MRG route, is deteriorating from water and salt damage and has been closed for safety reasons. We hope the MRG will be able to use a reconstructed tunnel for connecting east and west, but if not, we are looking at alternatives. (MRG funding will not be used to reconstruct the tunnel.)

* Once the Greenway has reached RT 4 on the Miracle Mile, it will connect with a ped/bike path included in the design of the Iron Horse Park, the site of the former Twin State Sand and Gravel Company. This path would connect the MRG from Glen Road to Elm Street West, and then on into downtown West Lebanon.

In the meantime, the MRG is open for exploration from the intersection of Mechanic, Mascoma, and High Street to the Slayon Hill Bridge. Guard rails are planned for that bridge this Fall.

There are still tons of ties to be moved to the landfill. We will be scheduling workdays to remove them. Might you have a one-ton dump truck for us to use? DPW vehicles are in use during the week. Let Frank Gould go2teach@comcast.net know if you can donate use of a dump truck!

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  1. Thanks for the progress report.

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