National Trails Day – MRG “Quest” 6/7/14

National Trail Days Questers

National Trail Days Questers

Blessed with a beautiful day, MRG supporters gathered in Colburn Park for music, food, and an update on MRG progress, then proceeded, on foot or on bike, to follow the Quest to Mile Marker 140 (Timken Bridge.) At various points along the trail, questers paused to read aloud ” In Quest of a Connection “, written by Frank Gould,  highlighting features and historical info about the area.

“Also, look on the left for a cement whistle post,
the engineer as he approached was supposed
to warn everyone, here comes the choo-choo;
he’d pull the chord, the whistle went ___-___.”

National Trails Day marks the beginning of the public phase of the fundraising campaign. $1.6 million has been raised from local businesses and through grants, cash, pledges and in-kind donations . . .  and now, individual members of the community are being asked to contribute.  A local donor has pledged to match individual donations by a factor of 4 up to $50,000, such that an individual’s $100 donation becomes $500  . . . what great incentive!  Please help us reach our goal of 2.1 million dollars.  To donate see:


Paul Coats explaining that half this bridge will be a travel lane, the other half will become a mini-park with picnic tables, benches, and great views of the Mascoma River.

Entering trail at kiosk on Mechanic Street

Entering trail at kiosk on Mechanic Street

Flowers on the trail (Dames Rocket?)

Flowers on the trail (Dames Rocket?)

The shade was appreciated on this hot day!

Bridge over !nterstate 89

Bridge over Interstate 89

Looking down on Longacres’ greenhouses

The Mascoma River at Mile Marker 140, the end of today’s Quest.

A next step is to repair this bridge over the Mascoma River . . . and provide guard rails!

Thanks to Rainie Kelly for most of these photos.

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