Bicycle Safety on the MRG

Are bicylists aware that there are specific laws in NH in regard to bicycling? Yesterday, I saw a bicyclist speed through the STOP sign on Taylor Street near the intersection of the MRG and the Northern Rail Trail . Did he not know he was required to stop at the STOP sign? He may have been young and unaware that, just as with drivers of cars, bicylists must stop at STOP signs and red lights. If I had been going any faster, there might have been a serious accident. The incident prompted me to look for NH laws regarding bicycling.

  • NH is known for the fact that it does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets . . . but there is a law requiring bicyclists younger than 16 to wear helmets when on a public way.
  • Riding against traffic is prohibitted.
  • When bicycling after dark you must use a white front headlight and a red
    rear light or rear reflector visible from 300 feet.
  • All bicyclists must wear at least one item of reflective apparel from 1/2 hour after sunset to one 1/2 hour before sunrise.

It’s the law – bicycles are vehicles. Read more at:

And a reminder to car drivers:

Every driver of a vehicle, when approaching a bicyclist, shall insure the safety and protection of the bicyclist and shall exercise due care by leaving a reasonable and prudent distance between the vehicle and the bicycle. The distance shall be presumed to be reasonable and prudent if it is at least 3 feet when the vehicle is traveling at 30 mph or less, with one additional foot of clearance required for every 10 mph above 30 mph. (RSA 265:143-a)


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