Inspired? Call to Artists for a Tunnel Vision!

RSVP for Artist Tour

The Lebanon, NH Arts and Culture Commission is looking for artists to design, fabricate, and install a public art installation and/or mural in the newly renovated Downtown Lebanon Pedestrian Tunnel. The Tunnel is located beneath Hanover Street and the Lebanon Mall, with entrances near Goss Logan Insurance (western entrance) and the Ledyard Charter School (eastern entrance). Artists are encouraged to select themes related to Lebanon’s history, geography, natural environment, and recreational activities. (Artists also may, but are not required to, use railroad spikes left over from the development of the Mascoma Greenway.) The tunnel is 350 feet long and the walls are generally 18 feet in height. Installations and murals can be on the walls within the tunnel, with the exception of the granite stones on the eastern end. Artwork should exist within the physical structure of the tunnel without necessarily taking up the whole tunnel. In order to submit an application artists MUST RSVP for the artist tour.
Learn more and RSVP for the tour. And check out Rails to Trails info on public art for some background and inspiration.

3 responses to “Inspired? Call to Artists for a Tunnel Vision!

  1. richard staddon

    I would like to thank everyone involved with MRG. This project is such a success and will enhance the area immensely. I can’t wait to be on it in the near future. GOD BLESS YOU all!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Richard. It took a village to build it, and now the village gets to enjoy it. We have more work to do still, namely extending it farther West. The best thanks you can give us is to use it, and we are glad you will.

  3. Tunnel vision! You get a prize for that headline!

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