Walk or Bike the MRG – May 11, 2019


Saturday, May 11, 2019  1:00-3:00 p.m.

Join us for a joint event with Wild About Lebanon and Mascoma River Greenway! Meet us at the MRG parking lot across from Alice Peck Day Memorial then walk or bike to Glen Road and back. Bart Guetti will lead the bikers and Lorraine Kelly the walkers. The trail is flat and paved, great for walking or biking! (3 miles, easy!)




2 responses to “Walk or Bike the MRG – May 11, 2019

  1. Why are the access areas to the MRG not kept open during the winter? The APD access, the Price Chopper access and the Glen road access are not easy to access.

    • This is something we need to approve and are actively working on. The APD access is difficult until we build the ADA connector path directly from the parking lot to the MRG (scheduled for Spring 2019). The Price Chopper access is unofficial, and we do not have permission to improve that area. The Glen Road access we will plan on plowing in the winter starting next year. Sorry we did not do that this winter.

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