One of the exciting aspects of the Mascoma River Greenway is that it will open up aspects of the Mascoma River that have long been hidden from view.  We have this wonderful resource running through our city, but it is little seen and under-appreciated.  Many folks are eager to bike, hike, run, or ski on the MRG,  others will enjoy a little meander that brings them to a scenic spot on the river. On this frosty January day, one can dream about a summer day and a perfect picnic spot along the river . . . for example, take a satellite view of the small waterfall hiding behind the Miracle Mile . . . wouldn’t that be a great destination for a picnic?,-72.2936385,300m/data=!3m1!1e3   (see the white water at the top,  left of center . . . and then take a virtual tour along the river  . . .  it’s not easy to see where the trail is;  you can click on the map above to orient yourself.


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