MRG Work Day – 5/16

Thanks to all who turned up on Saturday to work on the MRG!


 With an excavator, a dump truck, and a lot of human effort, TEN truckloads of railroad ties were hauled to the Lebanon Landfill, a total of 15.5 tons of heavy lifting!

While some were hoisting railroad ties, others were pulling garlic mustard, an invasive species that can choke out native wildflowers such as bloodroot, hepatica, and trillium. Garlic mustard releases chemicals that hinder the growth of other plants; removal leads to increased diversity.

Thanks to Travis Paige for the above photographs. You can find more of his MRG photos at

Let’s Fill that Jar!

jar2 Dan & Whit’s in Norwich is helping 4 local non-profits raise funds, and Mascoma River Greenway is one of the selected groups. They are selling marbles for $2.00, $5.00 and $25 (ping pong balls on this one) to be deposited in a jar for each group.

Right now, Mascoma River Greenway has approximately $35 in the jar – can you help fill that jar?
Consider donating your milk bottle deposit money when returning your empties. Let’s fill that Mascoma River Greenway jar with beautiful marbles . . . and ping pong balls!

MRG Fundraising Has Reached 85% of GOAL!

Wow! The MRG fundraising campaign is at 85% of the goal of $2,255,700 – donate now and help get this job done!


. The Upper Valley Trails Alliance is the fiscal agent for the Mascoma River Greenway Coalition. To make a tax-deductible donation send checks, made out to UVTA with “Mascoma River Greenway” in the memo line to:

Upper Valley Trails Alliance
PO Box 1215
Norwich, VT 05055

or make an online donation via our secure website, click here

Next Work Day – Calling All MRG Supporters!

 Saturday, May 16 is the next get-your-hands-dirty-day for supporters of the MRG. Let’s get this job done!

8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Meeting at the APD gravel parking lot across from the APD Main entrance.


Pick up railroad ties and load into 1-ton dump trucks.  (Heavy lifting, work gloves and sturdy boots / shoes required)

Pull garlic mustard (Light lifting, easy to spot and pull)


Interested volunteers can just show up to the site. Bring gloves, water bottle and a snack. Presence of ticks is likely, so deterrent is wise and apparently dark colors are less attractive to ticks.  Who knew?

Please help spread the word. Hope to see you there!

MRG House Parties

FullSizeRender-1 Lebanon’s Recreation Director, Paul Coats, is a man of many hats . . . and he wears them all exceptionally well. When he is not preparing a budget or setting up schedules, organizing a race, coaching a team, planning the many summer concerts and Thursdays in the Park,  or seeing to the lighting of the Colburn Park Christmas tree, you might find him, as Co-Chair for the MRG, clearing railroad ties, siding a bridge, or sharing his enthusiasm for the MRG, as he did last night for an informational house party at Quail Hollow in West Lebanon.

Many thanks to Mike and Isabel McCarthy for hosting this gathering.

Hooray! Another step forward!

hoorayAnother hurdle has been cleared: the federal government has signed off on the official Abandonment and Discontinuation of the remaining section of railroad tracks from Mile Marker 140 (eastern side of the bridge over the Mascoma River, near Timken) to Glen Road. Thanks to the offices of Schuster, Buttrey & Wing for their efforts in preparing the 7 pounds of legal documents required!

Good News!


Mascoma River Greenway is the top vote-getter in the Dan & Whit’s election with a total of $5,000 donated on behalf of the MRG!

Posting the news on the Lebanon Discussion List, MRG Campaign Steering Committee member Lorraine Kelly writes: “Sincere thanks to Dan Fraser ​at Dan & Whit’s General Store in Norwich ​for organizing the only election I know where all contenders were winners. And on behalf of the Mascoma River Greenway Campaign Committee, thanks to all who cast votes at Dan & Whit’s for the MRG, enabling us to “win” this election. We are looking forward to sharing the podium at a celebration on the Vermont side of the river with Windsor County Partners and the Hartford-Norwich Holiday Basket Helpers .

March was a banner month for the Greenway campaign: in addition to the good news coming from Dan & Whit’s, we reached our goal of $50,000 needed to receive a $200,000 challenge grant from the Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Foundation. Thank you, Mrs. McLaughlin, and thanks to our generous supporters from ​all over the Upper Valley. We have now surpassed 80% of the funds needed to make this 4-mile ​extension of the Northern Rail Trail a reality.”