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Thanks to All Our Volunteers!

One of the many joys of Upper Valley life is the spirit of volunteerism.  The MRG has benefited greatly from that willingness to lend a hand.  The work has often been hard, hot, and dirty . . . and yet done with enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Some employers, such as King Arthur Flour, Simbex, RSG,  and Hypertherm, offered paid time for this community service.


The Vital Communities Leadership Team put in a long, hot day of dirty work . . . and look at those smiles!



The Upper Valley Trails Alliance High School Trails Corps was a great group of teens who worked a number of summer days removing tons of ties.


Lebanon Girl Scouts have sold cookies to raise funds for the MRG.

Lebanon Girl Scout Junior Troop #12969

Volunteers have hosted house parties so that friends and neighbors could learn more about the MRG

And many, many individuals have shown up for work days.






Thanks to all you wonderful volunteers for your efforts on behalf of the MRG!

Downtown Bridge Railing in Place


Racing to get the job done before snow flies, a small, hardy crew completed the rail on the upriver side of the downtown bridge; all but the approach to the bridge is done and the rent-a-fence can be dismantled and returned.

If someone has a power hand auger that could dig four post holes, 4 feet deep, we would love for them to step forward so the approach to the bridge can be completed! (Contact


New Railing

New Railing

Scenic Overlook

Scenic Overlook

Great News!

greatnewsThanks to a generous additional gift from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, the Mascoma River Greenway has reached 95% of the Capital Campaign goal!

The end is within sight .  .  .  can you help put us over the top?!

Spikes and Other Salvaged Materials

As we work our way westward, removing ties, plates, spikes, and rails, we are collecting materials that could one day be part of an art installation on the MRG. Here are spikes collected by volunteers on the “Day of Caring”, September 11. (Thanks to Russel Hirschler for the photo)


What might they become? A few examples of spike art:

“Ridin’ the Rails to Rockland,” a sphere sculpture consisting of railroad spikes -Rockland, Maine

“Ridin’ the Rails to Rockland,” a sphere sculpture consisting of railroad spikes -Rockland, Maine

"Spike" - Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes

“Spike” – Bear welded from 575 rusty, used, bent railroad spikes

"Iron Horse"- what steam engines were once called

“Iron Horse” (steam locomotives were once called “iron horses”)

There are, however, a few projects to be accomplished before installing art on the trail .  .  .  Next steps, planned for this Fall, are completion of the downtown bridge over the Mascoma River (behind Goss-Logan Insurance) and installation of safety rails on the bridge over I-89. The good news is that Paul Coats has discovered a technique for safely removing the lead paint so rails can be installed. Other good news is that on Tuesday, October 20, at 6:30 at the Senior Center, there will be a public meeting to plan a new vision for downtown Lebanon. How will the Northern Rail Trail link to the MRG?  We are hoping that  link will be part of the vision. Will you be there?

September 11th – “Day of Caring”

Volunteers clearing trail

Volunteers clearing trail near Miracle Mile, moving eastward

How fitting that Granite United Way would choose 9/11 as a “Day of Caring”, commemorating a day of wanton destruction with a day of community building and caring. There were two teams of volunteers working on the MRG. One team worked with MRG co-chair, Frank Gould, clearing weeds and saplings from the trail behind Miracle Mile, preparing for track and rail removal . . . back breaking work! The other team worked with our other co-chair, Paul Coats, clearing ties, spikes and iron plates from the MRG west of Sacred Heart Cemetery. (Mascoma Street)

Cleared trail behind Miracle Mile, looking west

Cleared trail behind Miracle Mile, looking west

Scenic access to the Mascoma RIver behind the Miracle Mile

Scenic view of the Mascoma RIver behind the Miracle Mile

“Day of Caring” – Call for Volunteers

Granite United Way “Day of Caring”

Friday, September 11, 2015 

This coming Friday is a day for volunteers to support non-profits in their communities. The Mascoma River Greenway is one of the organizations hoping to get help that day. If you can be available, please sign up at the address below and help us bush whack a section of the Greenway or help clear the tracks. If you sign up to work on the MRG please notify Frank Gould so we can plan.

Sign up for “Day of Caring”